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Syria's War

  • "We have come to represent a civilized people who have peacefully demonstrated against oppression" Syrian opposition head Ahmad Jarba said during his speech at Geneva 2, according to Al Jazeera America's Nich Schifrin — who is at the conference. 

    Jarba seems to be making an effort to appeal to the emotions of those at the conference, according to the reporters on the ground, holding up pictures of torture victims. He called  the situation in Syria 'one of the worst catastrophes' since World War II, saying there is no time to waste in finding a solution, according to Schifrin.

    "We are against a minority leading the majority," Jarba said during his speech, according to Khodr.

    Jarba also addressed the other Syrian contingent in in the room, according to Al Jazeera English, saying that using weapons was forced on the opposition, it was not their choice, and they want to know if they have a Syrian partner in the room. 

    In keeping with addressing the other Syrian contingent, Jarba said the opposition is not at Geneva 2 for negotiations, before agreeing on a definite time frame and the Geneva 1 communique excluding Assad, according to Al Jazeera English. 
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